Pat Tilman

As with his enlistment, many people, including members of the Tillman’s family, believe that Pat Tillman’s death was used for political gain. For example, in the film, his mother, Mary Tillman (sometimes referred to as Dannie), offers the following statement:


It’s an atrocity that they would take a young man with honourable intentions who served his country and lie about how he died to promote a war, to use him as a political – a propaganda tool, basically. That is immoral.


How might changing the narrative (that is, covering up the accounts of fratricide from Tillman’s fellow soldiers) assist the US government’s cause? How did the revelation that Tillman was killed by friendly fire disrupt the narrative that depicts Tillman dying as a war hero?


My opinion:

The narrative that Tilman was a war hero has disrupted the idea that he died as a war hero. Tilman was used as a tool of propaganda to benefit the country to promote the army. Tilman was a professional sportsman who played in the AFL so he can be a valuable tool of propaganda for the government to use to help promote them – as soon as something horrible happens to someone who is famous; it draws the attention of people everywhere – the government can aim that attention towards what could promote them in terms of using Tilman.

The fact that Tilman was killed by friendly fire meant that he didn’t die as a war hero because he was killed by his own platoon – his death wasn’t caused by enemy fire and therefore he is not portrayed as a war hero.


The Sky is the Limit For Canberra’s 100-Year Celebration


In theACT Sculpture Patrica Piccinini created a hot air balloon that is approximately 34-metres long and 23-metres high. The government for Canberra’s 100-year celebration commissioned the balloon.

Apparently the balloon belongs to Melbourne-based Global Ballooning. Most Canberrans have been kept in the dark regarding the contract with the ACT government as most documents about the balloon have been censored.

Meanwhile on social networks people are criticising the balloon for it’s looks, many accuse this balloon to be hideous while others are defending the balloon, calling it “imaginative” and “creative”. Samantha Pollock who is part of the art community stated: “It’s about the imagination and using it. If we could have more of that it would be good” while her younger son, Felix, thinks it looks like some sort of whale with claws.

Chief Katy Gallagher said her eyes nearly fell out of her head as soon as she had seen the balloon for the first time.

MrStanhope stated that the balloon has embarrassed the ACT government.

In my honest opinion I think this balloon is quite hideous, although I do find this balloon to be intriguing, as I haven’t seen such a balloon before. And judging from the amount of pictures related to the air balloon that appear on Google images as soon as you type in “hideous hot air balloon” I’d say that this hot air balloon wasn’t exactly a success. At least Canberra was finally noticed for something.

What is Self-Regulation and Media Regulation?


Media Regulation:

Media regulation is information distributed by authority figures like the government and politics, which is then presented by the media directly to the public. Media regulation is what the authority wishes to present to the public and has nothing to do with what the media considers to be relevant.


Self-regulation is not controlled by the government or by any another means of authority. Primarily the media controls self-regulation and it is the information that consists of the media’s own interests which the media would consider to be truthful and relevant to the public.

Get SHLiRPD at Lake Tuggeranong College


Have an STD? Don’t fear, SHiRP’s here! In assembly on Monday, the 13th of May, SHLiRP came to Lake Tuggeranong College to talk to students in regards to their lifestyles; sexual health and relationships. SHLiRP is a government initiative program which was constructed to help educate students about relationships and many types of STD’s and all the different ways one can prevent him/her-self from catching them.

In order to encourage students to protect themselves from STD’s, the people at SHLiRP explained the long-term and short-term effects of STD’s and how potentially harmful certain STD’s can be; SHLiRP stated:

“some STD’s can lead to death if not treated and some can’t be treated at all”.

SHLiRP also talked about all the symptoms of different types of STD’s so the students know if they’re infected with anything. And if any students happen to be infected with anything, the people at SHLiRP encouraged students to see them after the school assembly for a sexual health check.

SHLiRP then began to talk about the sexual right each person has; SHLiRP stated:

“it is vital for each partner to be comfortable with what they’re about to do sexually. And a person who may appear to be intoxicated should be witnessed as someone who needs help, not someone who should be taken advantage of – this is important because taking advantage of someone sexually is considered to be rape.”

SHLiRP will also be visiting other colleges to help educate students about their sexual health too.

Personal Story: AIE – Creative Industries Certificate Two



I’ve just recently joined the AIE in Creative Industries and I am currently working on an animated character I will be developing over the past few weeks in the course.

I am happy to be working in AIE and learning how to use Maya as opposed to 3ds max, which seemed more complicated to me.

I have a supportive teacher and the class seems very small; there are only three students in the class, but there will be more people joining soon, which is a disappointment for me considering I enjoy smaller classes.

I do enjoy working at AIE although the class does go for a significant amount of time as opposed to my other classes that would only run for about two hours at most in the double lines. AIE runs for about four hours ranging from 1:35pm to 5:35pm and I have a tendency to be a bit lazy after 3pm, so that is a bit of an issue for me, but I am also happy to have this amount of time so I have more time to work on my assignments.

In my first class at AIE the teacher went from some step-by-step instructions on creating a robot and encouraged the rest of us to create our own too. My robot was the only one that had legs as opposed to the others, which had wheels.

Now that I’ve joined the AIE I look forward to what the future holds for me and I am excited about creating my own short animated film I will be developing in groups later on in the unit.

Is Journalism A Dangerous Job?


Yes, I do think journalism is a dangerous job: due to the amount of harsh places journalists need to go in order to acquire the news they need can often result in injuries, or even the deaths of the journalists. The deaths of most journalists are often deliberate in countries like Afghanistan and other threatening countries in attempt to prevent the journalists from presenting the news that authority figures wish to keep in their own country (the authority figures of an enemy country), so they do not need to fear what the other countries will do to prevent the harshness of the enemy country — the harshness of their country remains a secret to most people in other countries if journalists are unable to do their jobs.
Even in our own country the safety of our journalists is not guaranteed, unless of course a journalist decides to present good news, like the birth of an elephant or a new breed of puppies, unless of course the journalist gets squished by the elephant or mauled by the puppies, and what are the odds of that?
The injuries most journalists receive from presenting good news is usually accidental. But there have been moments where journalists have been assaulted for interviewing people in our own country. So, if you ask me, there is really no guarantee of the safety of our journalists… it makes me feel nervous to study it when I think about it.

What Is The Role Of A Journalist?


The role of a journalist is to find and present news for the media in order to make that news known to the public. Without journalists there is no way of proving and presenting the harshness of a country or an individual (typically serial killers, rapists, etc), and there is no way of proving the good news too; how can we be certain if little Johnny saved a poor puppies life if there is no journalists to tell and prove this story to us. We need journalists to show us in order to prove the news.
Journalists are a big contribution to the media as they are the ones who walk out of their offices and prove the news that has baffled or touched the hearts of many people.